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Hyper focus on what you are great at doing… Welcome to TeTe & Espresso, a CastBox original, I’m TeTe. Gallup did an intensive poll of 80,000 businesses, and here is one major take away…

Let’s get it out of the way because it deserves it, the book is called,”First, break all the rules.” … It says in an organization, or the same is true in life, we must focus on what someone is good at doing, or their talents, and opposed to focusing on the skills and training of their weaknesses. If someone is not performing, find a role that naturally fits what we enjoy doing. Some people are analytical, some people like to “be there emotionally for others.” …Let’s find that role in our own life.

Who am I? Yeah….What are my strengths? hmmmmmm …What particularly do I enjoy about my life? yeah ….Skills and knowledge are things we can learn, like “we could all take 10 classes and put together a care engine.” …But the talent you have is the person who, “Loves the process of taking things a part and putting them back together. He or she will try to do it after the first class and stay all night to figure it out…Find a job, and a life path that fits your talents..and passions…Love you.

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