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Nooooo, no, no, stop that, no, don’t, no, nooooo…Welcome to TeTe & Espresso, a CastBox original, I’m TeTe. Our upbringing is blocking us from everything we want, let’s stop that shhhhh….

What’s the study? A child has heard “No” 12,000 times by the age of 12, as apposed to 3,000 yes’?…That is just the 1 of the many forms our minds has been programmed, in the wrong ways. When I say “wrong ways,” I mean to say (Hitchens) good sir, they tried their best on what they know…But they did not know that laws of the universe, the psychology of how to raise a child, and the best way to build a child up every day… Therefor we must…..

Who must? They must? Know in us we must trust? The fuss we feel inside has nothing to do with Gus. It is the self forgiveness in us…It’s a foreign kind of thought..That even though someone did us wrong, we must forgive ourselves. Weird huh?… It becomes even weirder when you do. Because you notice that your resentment towards your family become lighter, and smaller. So we must trust, and to think and lust, for the self forgiveness within us.

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