No Competition – Bad Separation – TeTe & Espresso Blog Podcast – Listen – Wednesday

TeTe & Espresso Podcast

Break it up Break it up fellas… Welcome to TeTe & Espresso, a CastBox original, I’m TeTe. We separate from all the ideas we could want when we compete with other people.

In a mental state of competition, it is you vs them. Win or lose. Fail or succeed. Any collaboration with the enemy means being a traitor…Who wins here really? Who wins if they slay their enemy, and are now at the mountain top alone?..What if the person you defeated and expelled played guitar, and could have kept you company. Separation from people, means separation from all of their genius ideas that could help your life.

I connect with everyone. They have the voice of God’s energy within them. The voice of truth. Perspective is wanted. We want it. We connect with everyone. Especially those who are very different than us. We connect with everyone. The opposite of separation is togetherness. Is community. Commune. Communion. Receive it through other people. Your equals.

I love you

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