No Competition – You are not in high school anymore – Friday – TeTe & Espresso Blog Podcast – A CastBox original

TeTe & Espresso Podcast

She’ll steal my boyfriend..That new guy will take my spot of the team…Welcome to TeTe & Espresso, a Castbox original, I’m TeTe. Competing is comparing. We are not comparable.

It’s easy to see, that 1,000 kids thrown together every day, when 95% of the kids have been raised with some variable levels of competitive comparing, Will magnify those traits to try and belong to the whole. If they have a healthy mind frame they could belong, but most of the times we tried to fit in… We are adults now. We all have our own responsibilities, and problems. We are equals. Release the comparing.

I release comparing, you release comparing, we release comparing. Competition in our world is not necessary for survival. Competition when happy for the other’s success is healthy. Besides a few societal exceptions, Abundance is cancelled where competition exists. There is so much goodness for every single person. Even if you are going after a job, and the other person did not get it. You have faith in them, and in abundance that they will soon find another job.

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