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Let’s call it Vacationitis …..Welcome to TeTe & Espresso, a CastBox original, I’m TeTe. Stuck in a daydream about the past…Donkey…

You come here (Ramsey) … Almost as tough as living in the past, is looking forward to something so much, that we are disconnected with this present moment. You’re a dreamer (Ramsey)… Vacationitis happens on many levels. Especially when we are utilizing our imagination like a good boy and girl, to create the dream life we want..It is vital to come back to the now, and to be present, so you can see and accept the universes way of giving you what you want.

Gordon Ramsey would call people a “dreamer” if they made a simple mistake. A mistake that would not have happened if they were present, and in the now…That’s when he would freak out on people, and kick them out of the kitchen…Standards. Not of the food, but of himself that he upheld in everyone else. Admirable..Donkey!!!…I am in the now..You are in the now..We are in the now..And we are both living in the present. What a gift! What a present, is the present.

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